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Flipside XR - Lesley Klassen

Flipside XR - Lesley Klassen

In the latest episode of the Startup Istanbul podcast, we had the privilege of discussing virtual reality (VR) and spatial content creation with Lesley Klassen, the co-founder and CEO of Flipside XR, an innovative startup making waves in the XR (extended reality) industry.

Flipside XR has developed a unique platform designed specifically for the emerging generation of creators, drawing significant attention in the industry.

During our conversation, Lesley shared insights about Flipside's technology, his entrepreneurial journey, thoughts on Canada's vibrant startup ecosystem, and the motivation driving him and his team in this dynamic field.

Here is a summary of the conversation with Lesley:

  1. Flipside XR is a social network designed for the next generation of creators who are growing up with VR.

  2. Next-generation creators intuitively understand spatial mediums like VR.

  3. Flipside allows creators to make motion capture recordings, referred to as "Spatial posts," that others can remix and share.

  4. The company was founded by a team of creators who recognized the potential of VR to disrupt traditional stage performances.

  5. Flipside distinguishes itself by prioritizing creator tools and asynchronous sharing over live interactions.

  6. The company believes in solving the problem of asynchronous spatial sharing for creators.

  7. Lesley Klassen, the founder, emphasizes that they are not early to the market but rather pioneers in a new content format and medium.

  8. The Canadian startup ecosystem is thriving, with major hubs in Toronto, Montreal, and Vancouver.

  9. Canada offers strong incentives and support for startups, including tax credits and grants.

  10. Flipside's future plans include rolling out remixing and sharing features, testing business models, and exploring opportunities in the evolving XR market, including potential collaboration with Apple's Vision Pro.

These are my questions I asked during the interview

  1. Lesley, thank you very much for the great beginning and starting of this conversation. So, could you give us a little bit about the technology behind that? When did it start? I mean, also, what was the problem that initiated you to start this venture?

  2. I mean, I know that there is quite a bit of interest in the AI and VR marketplace, let's call it XR market. What sets Flipside apart from competitors, or are there also similar models or similar applications like yours?

  3. Do you think that you are earlier than the market or trends or the products?

  4. So, I mean, you mentioned about the right team. So what is your personal journey about entrepreneurship? Is it the first time that you are building a startup? And how about the other co-founders?

  5. Another question I've been following up this storm. Every startup faces challenges, I mean, when it comes to funding and also revenue. How is Flipside approaching this? I mean, have you raised any funding rounds or are you going to plan to raise any funding?

  6. How long in a week's time do you spend time with your potential users or customers? How many times a week?

  7. Also, you mentioned about the ecosystem of Canada. Could you give us an overview of what the startup ecosystem looks like in Canada?

  8. And how do you describe the availability and quality of the talent in Canada? Is there still also a skill gap particularly in tech roles?

  9. How do you see, what are your plans for the next 6 to 12 months, by the way, for Flipside?

  10. Also, did you have an opportunity to work on Apple products, Vision Pro, or are you still also waiting for the product to come on the market?

  11. I mean entrepreneurship is very hard and difficult so what is your superpower to come out being in this hard environment?

  12. What keeps you awake at night? I mean, in these days, what are the challenges that you are facing?

  13. Lastly, last question. I mean, what is the fun fact about yourself? Anything that we don't know? Anything nobody knows?

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